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Esther Bos Esther Bos (1985)
Since the age of five Esther knew she wanted to play the harp, en since she was eight years old she (finally) could start to learn how. First on the smallest of the harp sizes, and quickly she went on to the celtic harp. For the last ten years she also had lessons on the pedal harp by her teacher Mona Moog, and played with different orchestraís. However, after ten years she found out that she liked folk music and the celtic harp best of all and decided to stop the lessons on the pedal harp to concentrate more on celtic music.
The ensemble soon found out that celtic music would sound even better with percussion. Esther had often seen other folk-groups use the Bodhrŗn as their percussion and seeing as she has a love for percussion, she had soon made her choice. She took lessons with Annemarie de Bie (known from the folkgroup Fling ) to learn the basics. Later on, she also added the djembť and singing (mainly second voice) when the group added up-tempo and singing numbers to the repertoire.

Danielle Doodhagen (1986)
DaniŽlle started playing the flute when she was nine. Soon after she started her lessons, she knew she wanted to make it her profession. After secondary school she started her studies to become a Music teacher at the conservatory in Zwolle. She took lessons with MariŽlle van Zanten. In 2008 she finished her studies successfully and started with her studies for the Flute, which she successfully finished in 2011. She took lessons with Jorge Caryevschi and Gudrun Bourel.
DaniŽlle works as a music teacher at the secondary schools Anne Maria van Schurman in Franeker and Sevenwolden in Joure and Grou, where she also coaches the school band. Her ambition is to start her own flute teaching practice.
DaniŽlle Doodhagen
Next to music, traveling is her passion. The combination of travelling and music has made her really interested in world music and her 'world-flute'-collection is growing larger and larger. She played with the griots in the streets of Burkina Faso and she followed lessons at the "Nay" in Turkey. In Edis she is responsible for playing several flutes, but she also sings and makes music-arrangements.

Isabelle Doodhagen Isabelle Doodhagen (1989)
Isabelle started playing the violin when she was eight years old with violin teachter Nelleke van Beek. As preparation for her studies of the violin at the conservatory she took lessons with Arjen Beintema. She also was a part of the Frisian Youth Orchestra, and gained a lot of experience what it is like to be on stage, nationally and internationally. She started her studies of the violin at the conservatory in Zwolle in 2007, where she took lessons with Sylvia van der Grinten. After she passed her Bachelor's exam, she took lessons with Sarah Kapustin and in June 2014 she passed her Master's degree. Next to her profession as a performing violinist, Isabelle works as a violin teacher in Zwolle, Elburg, Marum and Zuidhorn. She has taken masterclasses, given by: Philippe Graffin, Viktor Kuznetsov, Moshe Hammer, Vadim Brodski, and Walter Burian.

Truus de Vries (1986)
From the age of nine until she was eighteen, Truus took lessons in several instruments, namely keyboard, piano and church organ, mainly taught by Take Beukema. In her professional life, she works as a sociolinguist at the Frisian Academy, but music is her main passion. Next to Edis, she has formed a duo together with flutist Maaike Vlas, named ĎOct-Opusí.
Over the last couple of years she has also performed on several occasions with her partner in life Rob du Jardin. For several years she has been teaching herself how to play the violin, and since September 2012 she plays the second violin in the Salon Orchestra Sinnema.
From time to time she also composes music (see f.i. www.truusdevries.nl).
Truus de Vries